It’s hard to believe, but the long Michigan winter is almost over.  As the snow and ice start to melt away, your lawn and plant beds are revealed.  That means it’s time for spring clean-ups.

Spring clean-ups are a way to freshen-up your yard and plant beds and prepare them for the spring and summer.  The winter storms probably brought down quite a few sticks, branches, and leaves that were too stubborn to come down in the fall.  This debris leaves your lawn and beds looking cluttered and unappealing.  With a spring clean-up you can have a clean looking yard that is ready to start growing and blooming.  More importantly removing dead and decaying plant matter can prevent fungus and disease.

Bringing in new mulch for beds is also an important part of the spring clean up.  Adding a fresh layer of mulch can make your beds more attractive while protecting them from the hotter, drier weather of summer.