Lawn Maintenance

Canopy Landscapes provides high quality residential and commercial lawn mowing service.  Our lawn maintenance services starts around mid April and lasts through November.  During this time, our skilled mowing crew visits your site on a seven day cycle, as weather permits.  Grass is cut at 3 inches with a sharp blade to provide a healthy cut.  Clippings are scattered through your lawn, which returns nutrients to the soil and creates a rich environment for your turf.  Crews trim around trees and other obstacles, giving you a well-manicured look.  After the cut, clippings on driveways, walkways, and other areas are blown away.

In addition to lawn mowing, edging along curbs, driveways and walkways maintains clean lines in your lawn.  Edging is performed on a 14 day cycle.

Plantbed Maintenance

Skilled gardeners will remove weeds with hand tools to maintain relatively weed free beds through the growing season.  Necessary pruning of perennials will also be completed throughout the season, removing browning leaves and dead heading flowering plants.  Also, as plants die back in the fall, they will be pruned to just above the ground level.

We also offer a service to spread two to three inches of mulch to a bed.  This ensures that the plants stay moist and protected.

Landscape Design

We use a CAD (computer aided design) software to draw landscape designs. This provides the client with a clean and clear illustration in color!


Canopy Landscapes designs and installs landscaping for new construction sites and renovates existing landscapes.

We clear and haul away existing landscapes and re-grade. We install hardscape features including, walkways, patios, and retaining walls using Unilock and Rosetta brick pavers, flagstone, and boulders. We also offer softscape services including planting beds, tree/shrub/perennial/annual installation, and sod/seed installation.


Add both visual interest and sound to your landscape by having a decorative pond or water feature installed, using Bluethumb products.

Spring Cleanup

The winter season leaves debris in your turf and landscape beds.  This might not allow proper growth and will give your site an unkempt look.  Canopy Landscapes crews will gather and haul away debris and leaves from your site prior to your first lawn cut of the season.

Fall Cleanup

You may choose either one or two fall cleanups.  Crews will gather and haul away leaves and debris from your landscape.

Snow Removal

Canopy Landscapes provides both residential and commercial snow plowing.  For residential sites, crews clear driveways and sidewalks.  On commercial sites, snow will be cleared from drives, parking lots, and sidewalks.  We also provide applications of rock salt and/or potassium chloride ice melter.

 Holiday Lighting

Canopy Landscapes provides all the services you need to have a beautifully decorated house every year for the holidays.  We store your lights and decorations, set them up when the time comes, and safely remove everything at the end of the season.