Landscape Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Canopy Landscapes provides high quality residential and commercial lawn mowing service. Our lawn maintenance services starts around mid April and lasts through November. During this time, our skilled mowing crew visits your site on a seven day cycle, as weather permits. Grass is cut at 3 inches with a sharp blade to provide a healthy cut. Clippings are scattered through your lawn, which returns nutrients to the soil and creates a rich environment for your turf. Crews trim around trees and other obstacles, giving you a well-manicured look. After the cut, clippings on driveways, walkways, and other areas are blown away.

In addition to lawn mowing, edging along curbs, driveways and walkways maintains clean lines in your lawn. Edging is performed on a 14-day cycle.

Plantbed Maintenance

Skilled gardeners will remove weeds with hand tools to maintain relatively weed free beds through the growing season. Necessary pruning of perennials will also be completed throughout the season, removing browning leaves and dead heading flowering plants. Also, as plants die back in the fall, they will be pruned to just above the ground level.

We also offer a service to spread two to three inches of mulch to a bed. This ensures that the plants stay moist and protected.

Spring Cleanup

The winter season leaves debris in your turf and landscape beds. This might not allow proper growth and will give your site an unkempt look. Canopy Landscapes crews will gather and haul away debris and leaves from your site prior to your first lawn cut of the season. Adding mulch to beds is also a nice way to may sure your beds look their best and are ready for spring.

Fall Cleanup

In order to maintain a clean and well-manicured property, debris and leaves should be removed before the winter season. You may choose either one or two fall cleanups.  Crews will gather and haul away leaves and debris.

Core Aeration

Once a year, either in the spring or fall, this service is performed in order to maintain the health of your lawn. Removing small plugs of soil and thatch reduces compaction and thatch buildup, increases water infiltration, and improves rooting. This service is one of the best ways to maintain the overall health of your lawn.

Fertilizer program

Four rounds of fertilizer per year are applied to your lawn at the appropriate times, in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. Most of the fertilizers are slow releasing; this provides a steady and even feeding, giving your turf a healthy, weed free, deep green aesthetic appeal.

Hedge Trimming

Canopy Landscapes teams will carefully prune your hedges, taking into consideration the health and aesthetic appeal of the plant. The style of the pruning is based on the client’s preferences, whether it be formal or informal.

Sprinkler Inspection

With access to your control box, the teams activate your sprinkler system, cleaning, making adjustments and any minor repairs that are required so that your system works properly throughout the season.

Sprinkler Shut Down

For the shut down process, skilled crews flush out water from irrigation lines and turn off the outside water source to prevent freeze damage.  Like the inspection, this service will also require access to your control box.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Canopy Landscapes understands that storms can create a huge mess of your yard with fallen tree limbs and even trees. We can promptly send a team out to your property and have it cleaned up and hauled away saving you all that time and pain. We can also repair any damage that has been done to your landscaping. Just give us a call for a free estimate.